Sketchbook work

I’ve realized how much i DONT do it. Seeing as loads of people on this course hhave filled up multiple sketchbooks and I have yet to get through one.  I personally don’t think that’s a problem at all but I have been told otherwise. For some reason people want to see what I’m thinking. But is that really necessary? and to go in epic detail of it? 

To me what matters is the outcome. 

On paid jobs i’ve done no one asks for my sketchbooks to “see how i think”. they just see the end result and decide whether they like it or not. 

When i’m given a brief, i just think. I just sit, and think, maybe do some research if it becomes necesary because I cant think of something straiight away. write some things down, scribble around. blahblah

i save paper, save money. 

I dont get student loans or any loans at that, and I dont get cute little student bonuses a lot of people seem to get around me. So as far as im concerned this all works out better for me. I get my work done, save money and save time.

PLus, sketchbook work, i hate it. waste of trees. 

Fake Ikea and Apple Store in China

Even the staff at the Apple store where fooled. My dad told me about this a bit ago. So suck on that Apple/Mac elitist types. What’s the point of doing anything “original “anyway you’re just going to get copied. 


Psychedelic gig posters designed by Wes Wilson. More here.

referring back to the first paper i wrote for uni. 

I don’t like posting my work online

On websites that have no privacy controls such as this. I’ve hand Washington bands rob logos that where meant for other bands/people, and give no credit. lame. 


i am 

Pomme Chan

Today’s lecture by designer and illustrator Pomme Chan, I thoroughly found inspiring and simply just…nice. I heard some whispers about her broken English but as she is Thai and so is my mum, I’ve grown up around the accent so it was easy as pie understanding her and her attitude/hard truths[or however you look at them(4 year gap after uni to make something of yourself)]. Same attitude as my madre, same accent, until now I didn’t pay as much attention to differing acccent between people I know from various parts of Asia.

Anyway. It was REALLY nice to see someone who works organically(painting, drawing, ink), yet has such a clean contemporary design aspect to her work(not steering into the fine art dept) . not super primarily digital and that.  Maybe it’s my inner Adobe-phobe that finally felt justified that there is still a way i can find myself to “belong” on this course:] I’m also keen on who and how she’s worked with Selfridges, Topshop, various companies or sorts, MTV, Adele(as much as I loathe her music), wynter gordon. Music/fashion related companies. Listening to her reminds me how it’s important to market yourself. As much as I’d want to say I do that, i really don’t, at least not in graphic design aspect. Especially since I moved to England. I network my MP that’s it. When she mentioned wall paintings it caught my attention. In Thailand wall paintings are very prominent especially at the temples and what not. So as soon as she said she did wall paintings it was really cool to see modern images instead of traditional thai murals, as much as I enjoy those too. 

Anyway, Nong Pomme, first lecture ive fully enjoyed besides small architectural mentions in other lectures, those always get my attention.


just going to do what chris said… and a bit more

the idea i had for this “look both ways” thing didnt exactly work out. it wasnt “deep” enough or whatever. 

so its a cats face. made of 9 cats. then a series of 9 cats portraying any superstitions that have to do with cats. 

they predict weather with wide pupils

kill one your sacrificing your soul to the devil. 

blah blah

things like that. 

as im only starting now though… we will see how this works out. 


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